Anton Kwiatkowski’s beautiful engineering, sonorous crisp and truthful ...this is the best rendering of a piano I’ve heard in years.

Gramophone (UK)

Superbly recorded.

Gramophone (UK)

A splendid modern recording of striking range.

Penguin Record Guide (UK)

The recording is magnificent, vividly realistic.

Records and Recordings (UK)

Splendid digital sound - recording is first-rate.

Stereo Review (US)

Superbly recorded, gorgeous sound.

Fanfare (US)

Audiophile quality discs that yield spectacular sound.

New York Times

Brilliantly recorded.

Los Angeles Times

A recording of superb weight, inner clarity and bass definition (A*)

Hi-Fi News (UK)

Kwiatkowski does a beautiful job for Davis and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra ...I am impressed with all aspects of the recording.

Audio (US)

The recording glorifies the strengths of both chorus and orchestra.

Digital Audio (US)

The sound is first-class, full, clear and believably balanced.

Penguin CD Guide (UK)

Sonics are first-rate, exciting and up-front sonics and thrills award.

Stereophile (US)